Welcome to ArtNoodle, a site for artists by artists!

We built this platform so artists can unite and share their works without having to use sites with algorithms that hide their art, or make the layout unfriendly for artists to use. Our goal for ArtNoodle is to unite artists with a friendly community and an easy-to-use art site that artists from all over the world can join. We want to listen to the art community and work together to make this a site artists of all forms can enjoy.

Over time, we hope to make ArtNoodle a site that artists can showcase their works to others through their galleries and eventually make it possible to accept commissions through the site. We want our users to be able to express themselves through their art, and their profiles!

ArtNoodle is very much still a new site with many commonly requested features missing. Over time, we hope to create a site that you will enjoy!

What does ArtNoodle look like? Why can’t I see it? Currently, we only let logged-in users browse freely throughout the site for security and privacy measures. If you have a direct link to a blog or art post, you will be able to see it. If you’re skeptical on joining the site because you can’t see it, here’s a preview of how ArtNoodle looks and operates!

Who is a part of the ArtNoodle team?


Hello! I'm Blazin. The Developer of Artnoodle. In these hard times that artists can't find a place to call home, ArtNoodle rises as an idea to give a place to the artists where they can be themselves and they can feel listen to. We consider ArtNoodle to be a site specifically designed for artists and their needs. We really hope you guys like the site :D!

Development Department
ArtNoodle Coder

Heya! I am Apollo. The Designer from Artnoodle. Artnoodle has been a fun project and I enjoyed working for it! But aside Artnoodle, I also make illustrations as well and would be awesome if you could check that out too. I hope you enjoy the website just as much I enjoyed working on it with the others from the team.

Design Department
Creator of Noodle-chan and the logo
United States

Hello! I am Yuukiame. An admin from Artnoodle. I'm currently in charge of making that everything in ArtNoodle works smoothly and also to recieve the feedback from the users. I'm the one who manages the social networks and make sure that all of the members of ArtNoodle are having a pleasant experience in the site.

Community Manager
Site Administration

Hello I'm Darkselia! I'm a Graphics Designer and I'm really happy to be able to help in ArtNoodle! I'm currently ffinishing my Graphics Design career and I hope I can help a lot in the future with awesome designs for the site. I'm a Pokemon lover and I love to draw Pokemon art! Hope that everyone enjoys the site and that we can be friends :D!

Design Department
Logos and Banners