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  • Hello!

    I'll be trying to upload all of my most recent work, piece by piece and day by day! Times will vary especially this week, but there should be a new post everyday. If you're curious about my other social media; 

    Instagram; MapleFawn

    Toyhouse; ToastGoblin

    Twitter; Mayplefawn (mainly has acnh screenies now)

    Pillowfort; ToastGoblin

  • Hello!

    Hello, first post here so let's get to know each other!

    So let's start with a little bit about myself. You can call me Skye. Everyone does and I'm a college student majoring in Business Communications with a specialization in Business Writing. With that, you can probably tell that I'm not really an artist but an author instead. I also love to write and read Light/Web Novels.

    I do draw time to time and they are usually redesigns of my OCs. I also love to do redesigns of other people's OC or just free customs. I guess I'm be uploading a few artworks I made when I was bored (and was going insane).

    If you wish to talk and be friends, just contact me on discord. I'll give you my tag when you ask for it in chat or in a message. Don't worry, I don't bite! So that's from me for now.

  • Hello, everyone!

    So, uh...This is my first post here. I was looking for new places to post my artworks.

    So, uh...I'm Melody (or Photon, whichever you prefer).

    My current main interest at the moment is Lobotomy Corporation, but I'm also into Yokai Watch and Pop'n Music. Not sure how active I'll be on this site, but...yeah.

    Just wanted to get that out there.

  • First Post

    Hello, everyone! I am setting up a place here to post my recent art and all art going forward. I will keep it updated along with my Deviant Art, and Instagram accounts.

    My Deviant Art was my original main account and the oldest, so there is art on there that goes back several years, in case you wanted to see how far I've come. I won't bore anyone with uploading those scribbles here so I tried to keep it recent. Nice to start fresh anywho.

    You can follow me here, or at any of my other sites:

    Deviant Art : DazeSprite

    Instagram : DazeSprite

    Artfight : DazeSprite

    I do have a Toyhouse (DazeSprite) and a Twitter (DazeSpriteArt) but I do not update them or use them as frequently.