Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last updated: May 21, 2020

Will there be customizable profiles?

In the future, yes! At first, users will be able to change the background color. Eventually we will allow users to use CSS on their profiles to further customize it to their liking.

Will we have gallery folders?

Yes! We are working to release that soon.

Why can’t I upload files over 2 MB?

Currently, our servers can only support at most 15,000 images throughout the site. To make sure that doesn’t get filled up too quickly, we have a 2 MB limit. The file limit will be raised as we get more resources for the servers.

Will there be a commission system and will there be currency within the site (like points)?

In the future we want to add a system where artists can accept commissions, but we will not have a website currency. We plan to implement PayPal for users to use.

What's the difference between User Activity and Notifications?

User Activity is where you receive notifications of people you follow when they post something. The normal Notifications is where you receive notifications on your posts.

Does ArtNoodle allow NSFW/explicit artwork? The Terms of Service say you don't.

ArtNoodle does allow NSFW/explicit artwork, just not real life pornography. The current Terms of Service was generated for the type of site ArtNoodle is- it is only temporary. We haven't edited the ToS to better represent what ArtNoodle allows and prohibits. All NSFW work is in a separate area from the main site.