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  • First Post

    Hello, everyone! I am setting up a place here to post my recent art and all art going forward. I will keep it updated along with my Deviant Art, and Instagram accounts.

    My Deviant Art was my original main account and the oldest, so there is art on there that goes back several years, in case you wanted to see how far I've come. I won't bore anyone with uploading those scribbles here so I tried to keep it recent. Nice to start fresh anywho.

    You can follow me here, or at any of my other sites:

    Deviant Art : DazeSprite

    Instagram : DazeSprite

    Artfight : DazeSprite

    I do have a Toyhouse (DazeSprite) and a Twitter (DazeSpriteArt) but I do not update them or use them as frequently.


  • hello ... ?

    ο»Ώhey hello y'all πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ» i'm rottingblue, aka abyss, and i'm one of the many who fled from deviantart because eclipse is an overly complicated curse :")

    i can't say much but ... woah, this site is already so much better than deviantart ...

    so many good, pleasant vibes ... i already like it here

  • First Post

    Hello all!! My adventure with deviantart has ended 2-3 months ago after I went with some personal issues and I've been actually looking for a suitable site to share my art. A good friend of mine suggested me this site and it looks really good so far! Hope you all have a great day/night.

  • Blog Entry

    Hey guys! Since Devianart is basically done with, I decided to travel here after a good friend of mine mentioned this site! It seems really promising and fun so I’ll give this place a whirl! 

  • Hello, ArtNoodle!

    Hey, everyone! Now that classic DeviantArt is gone, I've been hearing a whole lot of talk about this ArtNoodle place. With the old category system removed, my work there is more likely to be overlooked than ever, while this place is still relatively small.

    As such, I thought I'd go ahead and give ArtNoodle a look. And so, here I am! Name's Skunk, good ta meetcha!